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Teddy Bear's Picnic - Cholmondeley Castle

This year's Teddy Bear's Picnic will be held on the 16th August 2015 at Cholmondeley Castle, Cheshire. Come along with your favourite Teddy this year and have a picnic with the Donna Louise bears, Don and Louise.

Meeting the team today at Stick ‘n’ Step

It was great meeting the team today at Stick ‘n’ Step Charity, we’re hoping the Teddy Bears Picnic this August […]

Cholmondeley the Bear at Crewe Alex

A BIG thanks to Crewe Alex who let Cholmondeley the Bear loose on the pitch earlier in the week! And […]

Where’s Cholmondeley the Bear?

Cholmondeley the Bear will be making a series of appearances over the coming weeks locally – if you find him […]

Teddy is rounding up his friends

Teddy is rounding his friends up in preparation for the Teddy Bear’s Picnic at Cholmondeley Castle on the 24th August […]